Junior Golf

Unlock the potential of your junior golfer with our Sunday Junior Golf Classes, commencing January 14th and running through March 24th! Tailored for budding golf enthusiasts aged 7-14, our one-hour sessions from 1:00-2:00 PM promise an engaging and skill-enhancing experience.


💲 Flexible Pricing:

  1. $25 per class
  2. Special Offer: $75 for a 5-class package (sessions need not be consecutive)


Our certified instructors focus on fostering a love for the game while imparting valuable skills. Whether your junior golfer is a beginner or looking to refine their technique, our classes provide a supportive environment for growth.

Secure your junior golfer’s spot today and watch them tee off into a world of skill development and camaraderie! For inquiries and registration, contact us at 941-922-9500